As a student embarks on their college journey, a world of opportunity awaits. However, many face challenges accessing high-quality healthcare that truly meets their needs.

While most institutions provide exceptional health resources, many students struggle to find and navigate them. This stems from a lack of visibility into available services as well as difficulty navigating complex healthcare systems. As a result, health resources often fail to align with students’ digital lifestyles, creating a sizable gap in care.

indeHealth was founded to bridge this gap. We serve as a key intermediary between students and colleges, providing comprehensive healthcare management centered around students’ needs. By educating students on available resources and guiding them to seek professional medical help when needed, indeHealth helps alleviate the burden on university health centers and promotes healthier campus communities.

Stepping onto campus, the future is bright. indeHealth is here to make sure students’ healthcare futures are equally as bright by giving them knowledge and tools to access high-quality care. Student health and well-being are too important to navigate alone in an increasingly complex healthcare landscape. With indeHealth, no student has to.